Violin Lessons

Lessons: What to expect

As a teacher, I know that everyone learns differently, so I strive to give my students a personal lesson experience. Everyone's class is structured based on their individual goals. A student preparing for an entrance audition to a CEGEP or university program can expect to be challenged and guided through the process in a supportive environment, while someone who wants to explore violin as a new hobby can expect to learn good technique that they can apply to the music they want to learn- be it Bach or Lindsay Stirling!


Beginners • 30 minutes

A balance between structure and fun: young beginners learn good technique and simple songs with the Suzuki method, and develop their natural creativity through composing their own music and playing by ear.

Intermediate • 30 – 45 minutes

After learning the basics, students can choose to continue classical training or to explore other styles of music. They will develop their sight reading and learn more complex pieces and technique.

Advanced • 45 – 60 minutes

After several years of study, students will learn advanced instrumental techniques and more complex pieces. They will practice performance techniques and learn more about advanced sound production. Students will also learn music history, ear training, and music theory.

Adults & Teens

Beginners • 30 – 45 minutes

Students will learn good position and technique to apply to music they are interested in learning. You will learn how to practice efficiently and how to read music, and basic music theory based on your interests.

Int. / Adv. • 45 – 60 minutes

Students will delve deeper into the style of music they enjoy, and develop their technique. Some choose to learn more advanced classical repertoire, and others learn songs by ear and improvisation. Or both!

Former Violinists • varies

For adults who used to play violin want to start back up again. We’ll start by improving technical issues you may have had when you were first learning, and keep building from there. With time and practice, you’ll be sounding better than when you left off!

Performers • Ages 12 and up, 60+ minutes

For highly motivated students who want to be challenged, this program will help you prepare for entrance auditions to CEGEP, university, or youth orchestras, and competitions. You will be coached and prepared in advanced repertoire as well as performance techniques.

“Julia taught my 7-year-old son the violin over the summer.  She was super!  She was firm yet gentle with him.  The lessons were serious as can be seen in the music selection and my son who was a novice learned a lot as well as enjoyed his lessons.  At the end of our lesson, she even organized a little performance with all the pieces that he was able to master.  She was great and I would highly recommend her.”

-Soojin H, violin parent

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